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System Analysis
KETL's consultants are well educated and highly experience in a large variety of Internet application development tools and technologies. KETL offers system analysis of existing technologies as well as advising on moving legacy systems to Internet-based applications.

KETL realizes that understanding today's trendiest technologies is not enough. Our consultants are thoroughly trained in a variety of database applications, programming languages, operating systems, and development environments.

Custom Developement
KETL specializes in analyzing the current environment then following up with the design and solution that fit our clients' needs. When applicable, existing tools are incorporated into the system. However, all of our client are unique and often specialized, requiring custom applications be designed to meet their needs.

Different applications require different technologies and KETL specializes in implementing applications in a variety of the most common platforms.

.NET & ASP.NET (C# & VB.NET), MS SQL Server, MS Access
PHP, Perl, JavaScript, MySql, mSql, postgres
Electronic Commerce
By now you've heard that everyone is buying and selling on the Internet. You probably have even done some online purchasing yourself. Obviously, this trend will grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. To remain competitive, your company cannot afford to ignore the burgeoning growth of electronic commerce. Giving your business a Web storefront can increase your sales exponentially. Depending on your business, an electronic showroom may be far more crucial to sales growth than a billboard or Yellow Pages ad.

KETL can provide your company with everything it needs to take advantage of the endless possibilities of electronic commerce, including site design and layout, creation of inventory graphics, and registration with organizations that handle online validation and credit card transactions.

Commerce sites can be both public and private. For example, a wholesaler may want to limit access of its online ordering site to companies who have already established an identity with them (an "extranet"), while other businesses will want their Web sites to be made public to anyone with an Internet connection.

Intranet Solutions
Solutions for an intranet can vary as much as business itself. Businesses can benefit by giving employees anytime, anywhere access to as much or as little of the corporate intranet from any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser. In this manner, employees can access HR records, use self-service capabilities to change their personal information with the company, monitor critical accounts in real time, or view up-to-the-minute financial data, depending on their access privileges.

We have designed intranet sites for handling problems arising from customer technical-support calls, quality assurance testing, and software engineering debugging. An intranet solution like this allows many departments instant access to constantly changing information from any other departments.

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